There are 13 million out-of-schools’ children in Nigeria. Children in rural communities particularly experience difficulty in accessing education and learning resources. as a matter of fact, 48% of rural children walk in a long distance (about 64km) to get to the nearest school quality and modern education service and materials. In 2019, there were 105 million children of primary and secondary school age who were not enrolled in school, and it could take 235 and 280 years to achieve zero out of school rates among lower and upper secondary school age children. 

COVID-19 exacerbated the already education gap, and most marginalized vulnerable children (especially those in rural communities) are at increased risk of being left even further behind in education. By 2030 about 43 per cent of children globally will lack proficiency in major subjects like mathematics and English (learning poor), and yet education is capable of increasing the GDP of African countries by 88 per cent by 2050 if well invested into

  • 10,000 boys and girls in rural communities, of which 20% had benefitted from our conferences and advocacies on the importance of education, 150 of them have been awarded scholarships through our organization, 100 are currently enrolled in our free Academy, and 75% of them have benefitted from our outreaches, campaigns, charity and advocacies.
  • The impact of our work is cut across two major regions in Nigeria (south-West and North Central), and our beneficiaries are spread across three states in these regions- Osun State, Lagos State, and Adamawa State.
  • Demonstration of intellectual excellence of our beneficiaries at the free Academy who wrote external exams, the students wrote University qualifying exams and we recorded 99% success in the external examinations.
  • Intellectual prowess demonstrated by students who have been our beneficiaries, external opportunities from other organizations had been awarded to some of the students, and some of the students are demonstrating creativity and innovation such as book writing, story-telling and engineering.