T-TAI Annual Conference:

  • Vision: to produce self-motivated and resilient young leaders ready for social impact, and to create equal opportunities for children in low income communities

  • Mission: to motivate students in grassroot communities for greatness and impact through documentaries and stories of ICONIC hallmarks 

  • Goal: to create interventions that will solve major education problems and advocate for quality education among vulnerable children in rural communities

  • Achievement:  since inception in 2019, the conference have held in Ile-Ife and Oke-Ila in Osun State and Shomolu LGA Lagos, and have reached over 2000 beneficiaries (1500 beneficiaries in Osun and 500 in Lagos State). And as yielded interventions such as school fees bursaries, free vocational and learning opportunities for children in rural communities.

T-TAI Academic:

  • Vision: our vision is to enhance access to quality, equitable, and technology-driven education in rural communities in Africa.
  • Mission: to raise a young generation of excellent impact makers and solution providers through quality school support service, mentorship, and social responsibility.
  • Goal: our goal is to reach our targeted audience through this school support tutorial in African countries. 
  • Achievement:  close to 100 secondary school students (T-TAI Fellows) are currently enrolled for free at The Academy in a rural community in Osun State with features in quality academic lectures through EdTech by our partners abroad, social innovation sessions, and mind-shifting motivational sessions. And we have recorded 99% success in the external qualifying examination written by the students.

T-TAI Scholarship and schools fees bursaries

  • Vision: to close the gap in the number of out of school children, and reduce the rate of drop out in rural communities.  

  • Mission: to increase the number of school enrollment in Africa through school fees bursaries

  • Achievement: since inception in 2019, over 100 students have benefitted from the school fees bursaries

T-TAI Outreach and Campaign

  • Vision: to create a society that is informed and ready for social responsibilities
  • Mission: to expose children in low-income communities to social responsibilities through school campaigns and outreaches.
  • Achievement: the outreach has recorded an impact of over 5000 secondary school students in a month.

Charity and philanthropy:

  • To assist and communicate an expression of love, concern and care to children in low income, and have reached 200 students.