Empowering Communities through Lifelong Learning: Remarkable Impact Extends Far and Wide

  • 10,000 boys and girls in rural communities, of whicH 20% had benefitted from our conferences and advocacies on importance of education.
  • 150 of them have been awarded scholarships through our organization, 100 are currently enrolled in our free Academy, and 75% of them have benefitted from our outreaches, campaigns, charity and advocacies.
  • The impact of our work as cut across two major regions in Nigeria (south-West and North Central).
  • Our beneficiaries are spread across three states in these regions- Osun State, Lagos State and Adamawa State
  • Demonstration of intellectual excellence of our beneficiaries at the free Academy who wrote external exams, the students wrote University qualifying exams and we recorded 99% success in the external examinations.
  • Intellectual prowess demonstrated by students who have been our beneficiaries.
  • External opportunities from other organization had been awarded to some of the students, and some of the students are demonstrating creativity and innovation such as book writing, story-telling and engineering.